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 Welcome to our website. This site has been created as an information resource for those interested in the work and developments in Ialibu and especially concerning the fellowship at Koromi. The resource page is being developed and connects to some basic Bible helps and studies and by clicking on the icons below you can see some photos and get a little background about GTM and PNG.

And it shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem…

 Zech 14:8


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Dear friends,

Another year has gone by so fast and another “Corona wave”, howbeit much less dangerous, is shutting down much of the world, again… Habakkuk 3:17-18

Though we are still in Denmark, looking for a way out, the fellowship in Ialibu seems to be recovering both from the pandemic and the shock of losing many from the village.

Nevertheless, as we look back over the past two years I can only say “Thankyou.”, and see how God is preparing the harvest. We just need to get on board.

This year we have seen, despite the circumstances:

  • Two experienced teachers sent for further training to develop skills in adult education.
  • Also we can thank God for the commencement of an adult literacy program together with MAF . This is Margaret Mumbru the teacher who will train two more in the program. Mulei Yoka is the other.
  • and, not least, the commencement of AWANA program. Ten fellowships have come together to start this “Through the Bible” teaching program for children at a level beyond just the simple Bible story, for Sunday School as well as everyday extra-curricular activities. This has been a real burden for us as The biggest failure of the church in general is its lack of care and instruction of the next generation. In Ialibu this has had grave consequences but by God’s grace, thankfully we have been given a second chance and are doing what we can to avoid a second collapse.

Our vision is to build and establish a new school for the 1st to 6th grades. We have been looking into some standard kit buildings within price range, and some other aspects (carpenters, teachers, curriculum, financing etc.) for such a project. Thankyou for praying with us.

David is in Ialibu over the Christmas holiday. Please pray for a blessed time and spiritual nourishment and growth as the message of Christ coming to be with us and die for us, is preached. Many of the young people who are away for work and studies, come home for the holidays so it is a time of nourishment and rest.

All glory to God!

The biblical New Year is at Easter or Passover so we can at least twice a year say “Blessed new year!”, and thus receive a double blessing as did Elisha. Thankyou for your prayers and support and may you be blessed doubly this coming year.

Blessings from

Karin & Philip and David & Lolin

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Dear Friends

It seems that time flies and our energy wanes but praise the Lord, the kingdom of God marches on.

Last week we received some more news from Ialibu and some photos from the conference. I am not one for statistics as God’s numbering system and order of significance is rather different from ours.

Some 1500 from the local area and another 250 visitors attended the conference this year. We – that is you and us – helped fund the construction of showers, toilets and also provide food for the visitors and also help engage the four visiting speakers. Other expenses were covered by the local church and despite all the concerns about Corona and the like, it seems that Ialibu is Corona-free or has special protection.

Apart from the daily morning services, the visiting pastors provided teaching on family life and how to deal with challenges in the local culture seems to be a current issue and the most popular seminar. The other seminars covered subjects concerning 1. life in the Holy Spirit, 2. Gods purpose in our lives and 3. Missions. Several of the younger people are interested in reaching out to other schools and villages in the region and sense a burden and urgency to share the gospel with others and especially the next generation is often the central topic of discussion.

The believers in Ialibu are full of hope, the hope of glory as Paul says, so there is no fear. It seems that the defining element in world politics and this pandemic is fear and ultimately the lack of a real and pure unconditional hope. In Ialibu the sense of what is of importance is focused elsewhere and this gives a freedom that only God can give.

As the local scene opens up again we trust that God will lead us into the coming new times. There is still a need for teaching and also for the children’s work so we look forward to be of help in these areas.

Blessings as we remember that He is the Good Shepherd described in Psalm 23

Philip and Karin

below is a picture of one of the seminars on family life.

28 June 2020

Dear friends

It has been a while since we wrote. For sure these past six months have been for us quite turbulent and no less for the body of Christ. January took my father Jacob, home and then all that followed with the moving and bureaucracy that still has to be cleared up and then the lockdown because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Our own situation aside, we have tried as much as possible to continue to help and support the work and fellowship in Ialibu in Papua New Guinea. The fellowship in Ialibu have continued to come together and pray and fast for the nation and the church as a whole. Again the building has become a bit small. But the work is going forward.

For those who have been praying for Myron, he is now playing rugby! He does limp a bit and still has another operation to go through however, we thank God for the physical progress also for the spiritual growth which was a bit unsettled for a while.

Another news item has a story. Just after the outbreak of the corona virus, David was approached after an evening service by a man in his late 30s. He said that he wanted to give his life to Jesus so they sat down and prayed the sinner’s prayer. After a few weeks it turns out that he is the headmaster of a school in the region and married to a lady from our village. In PNG, Religious Instruction (RI) classes are obligatory so he asked if the youth leaders in the fellowship would come every Wednesday and teach the Bible classes. This would mean splitting the team that is already teaching at the local high-school.

A few weeks later another man approached David, also to give his life to the Lord. This too is an answer to prayer as we have been praying that the church will see itself as a missionary fellowship. This man is the deputy headmaster at another school also some 25 miles in the opposite direction and he too wants the RI instructors. So now the leadership group are splitting up and doing outreach at these other schools regularly.

Please continue to pray for Reuben, Simon, Chris, Israel, Sheena, Janet, Jennifer, and the other leaders of the fellowship as they branch out.

Thankyou for your continued prayers also for us as we seek guidance as to our own future and the work in New Guinea.

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

John 7:38

Therefore you will joyously draw water from the springs of salvation.

Is. 12:3