Welcome to "Ialibu Gospel Fellowship" at Koromi


Projects and challenges that are in the works.

This page might seem initially a little negative, but in reality is quite the opposite. Please read it understanding that these are just challenges that we need to address and deal with. We do our part and trust Our Father for the solutions. We pray for wisdom and strength in dealing with each challenge and appreciate your support in prayer.

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Church, Mission and Christian Fellowship

    The church has grown considerably so now there is a need for more covered facilities - from some of the photos one can see we often have to use a tent to accomodate the overflow.



There is a real need for outreach to the illiterate part of the population. Many have been left behind due to the lack of schools and staff. various attempts by the local government have failed to bring the next generation up to par. As a result many family leaders and community leaders have limited literacy training and need to hear the scriptures read out.



         In 2017 we started a kindergarten three days a week to assist single/deserted mothers.


Elementary School

     We need good teachers to assist the local staff in this program. Another prayer-point brought up during the recent conferernce was the need for the community to work together in managing the school and staff. Please pray for guidance in this as the future of a people is in the balance.

Medical Services

Update and News

The upshot of the previous wish to set up a clinic has been that instead we have a constant line of people coming to the house for medication and advice regarding all kinds of illness and pains. Karinis on constant call.


Some of you have been asking about Myron. Myron lost his father and when he was a baby his foot fell in the fire. At age 11 (about three years ago) an infection from Chicken Pox further destroyed his femur resulting in his dropping out of school and his leg twisted around his stick to get around. Three weeks ago we took him to the Nazarene hospital in Kudjip where he was referred to the Catholic orthopedic hospital in Kundiawa. The Head surgeon there was very helpful and hopeful.

The operation was an 8 hour long process restructuring an rebuilding the femur and hip. He is now in a cast until the third of next month and then has to undergo rehab. Quite a process for a 14 year old child.

This is the short part of the story because naturally it involves his wayward mother, addict cousins and relatives who have given up on trying to do anything. Yes, the village is full of hope-less stories which is why we come with a message of a Real substantial hope.

Sadly we have had to slow down a bit with the plans for a small clinic on the grounds. The building and facilities have been built but due to practical considerations, are temporary residential structures.