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Sept. 2018

We thank God that we have now the means and equipment to get the project restarted and we have a plan in the works.

This project has had to be changed a bit due to a change in staff and means. The idea is that it be a Church project so now we are working towards that goal. There is now a complete new building for the kindergarten  and a seperate kitchen facility and ablutions block.

 Working together is not a strong side of the community and a sense of hopelessness pervades, so we constantly struggle against this spirit. This idea that 'the missionary or the white-man' is some form of magic wand makes it difficult to help them to catch a vision, take initiative and bring it to fruition.

        In 2017 we started a kindergarten three days a week to assist single/deserted mothers. The purpose was four-fold: to allow the mothers to work their gardens and do the necessary chores of everyday living, to teach the children the basic literacy skills using a Christian fundament, to provide the children with at least one proper meal a day and finally, as a form of out-reach by the church to serve the community.

This is one of the most important projects together with the Christian Education in the elementary school.  The Kindergarten started as a form of outreach to the non-church attendee single mothers. Sadly, this vision has been lost in abuse of the facility and all the disagreements over who should be allowed to work and who decides who is to be allowed to come. We see this as a definite attack that the fellowship has to learn to deal with.  This ministry started with an investment for equipment and supplies for a class of about 30 preschool and two supervisors. Following a few months of turbulent success the project was closed so this project is in the process of being revamped.

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