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Elementary School Project



The Elementary school (1st to 3rd grade) though officially not our responsibility, has become a real prayer burden. Conflicts between the board and the staff as well as within the staff have destroyed the community trust. So we are encouraging the teachers to show up and on time, repair the classrooms a bit and now we have also a new collection of books that form a ‘library’ so we are starting library hours three times a week and will see how it goes. Due to the fighting on the high-school campus, many teenagers have shown interest to continue their learning at the library.

Now, to add to all this is that just a few minutes ago the whole teaching staff showed up at our door to inform us that they will be going home after tomorrow as they have not been paid three pay checks. Apparently some teachers have been paid in other schools because they had someone in the registers office to pay bribes. Please pray for us as we seek to help. The children are held for ransom and there is no-one who takes responsibility.

Past News

In 2011 the school was rebuilt from scratch. The renovation laid the seed for a revival 4 years later. Included were an ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) program running parallel to a public education service. This because the public education services has degenerated into various levels of abuse at the expense of the next generation. Funds, earmarked for the school, were stolen and used for political campaigns and the school has fallen into disarray.

On the mission station, the buildings were renovated in 2010-11 and an elementary school was set up for the Koromi village. Koromi is one of the main villages attached to the Ialibu centre. The purpose of the school is to supplement the public system by teaching the 1-3rd grade children to read and write as well as establish a strong foundation before they move into the public system.

Now some 6 years later the mission school, which was run by the village residents, has degenerated and we feel it is time again for a revamp and perhaps a new approach. Previously we had made the morning classes for those who preferred to attend a Christian education system but could not afford to pay for the ACE program and then afternoon classes were for those who could attend the Accelerated Christian Education program. This arrangement is in a bit of disarray as there is no consensus in the village.

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