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New Years Conference 2016-2017

Dear Friends

December and January have been extremely blessed months. I have left last years letter below in order to show that The Lord is continuing to bless and prosper the fellowship in Korimi, Ialibu. the numbers continue to grow.

First there was the memorial service and folllowing that there was the Christmas and New Years Program. Over the PNG summer the young beleivers have been over to Mendi ( a nearby town to help a new group of believers build a fellowship hall. Upon completion they returned to Ialibu for the Christmas program and then the two weeks of prayer and fasting. the issues that were laid before the Lord are outlined in the Newsletter. The sum of all this was that another 60 individuals from the village have come to know the Lord as their personal saviour. The church has been overflowing both with people and with praise for what He is doing.

We can only sit and thank God that He is leading us on.

Blessings in Him


a letter from David:

    This years conference was attended by some 1000 to 1500 visitors over the three days. In attendance were visitors from Mendi, Hagen Nipa and then the local region also from several other churches in Ialibu.
    Preachers Kalado P, Johnny H, David P, Pastor Abraham, Br Morris who came from the area and also from Hagen MAF contributed to the teaching . The Theme of the conference was on knowing who Jesus is. After much prayer it seems that many have come to faith but don't really understand who their saviour is. So the teaching focused on
    Many came forward for prayer and there is much follow -up work to do. The concept of one body was emphasised and for the new year as changes are coming it is important that we work together for the kingdom and not ourselves. Many gave of their time money and means - all pointing to a true change of heart and testimony to what God can and is doing in the lives of the individual who turns to him. We can only praise the Lord that He is the same and true to His Word.
Please continue to pray that the seed sown will continue to grow and bear fruit especially as Ialibu continues to grow .

   Apart from those who came forward for salvation and the testimonies:
There were perhaps close to 100 new re commitments in various areas of Christian peoples lives. The visiting pastors and preachers were busy counselling troubled Christians all thru the Convention. Also manifest was powerful Healings by the sovereign act of the Holy Spirit. 

The program included :
    On the Friday pm Dec 30th of the convention the United Church Rev spoke to a maxed out church as it was raining and the tent had not yet arrived. (it arrived next day) He spoke on Christmas and Jesus supposed to be great joy to all peoples.... and if Jesus was not great joy to the Christian, someone has missed the boat. To the religious, Jesus is no source of great joy.
 On Saturday am the leader of an evangelistic movement based in Hagen spoke on Mary Magdelines belief of who Jesus was in contrast to Juduses in "wasting" expensive perfume oil on Jesus feet.
   On Sat pm- the Lutheran Pastor spoke on the transformation of Peter when faced with the Q Jesus asked him of Who do you say I am?
   On Sunday am The MAF former CEO (a Kiwi) spoke on the reality of Jesus and science and Jesus the perfect required sacrifice and encouraged believers to deepen their faith in the man Jesus..
   Sunday 2 pm MAF spoke on the new year resolution to die in Christ so Christ can be revealed.
   Sunday 7 pm - The United Church Rev spoke on Jesus never made king but born king and wise men still seek Him and wise men will return to seek Him in the last days
   Monday am- the Lutheran Pastor spoke on Philip under the fig tree who was invited to see Jesus for himself. This is the only way to be saved and stay saved.
   Monday pm- the Hagen evangelist spoke on Mary's relationship with Jesus - that a relationship with Jesus is still what attracts Jesus to us as it did to Jesus who was ascending to His Father but had to detour to comfort a weeping lady at the tomb who loved Him- not even a message from the angels in the tomb could comfort her.


When we arrive in Ialibu we have been asked to focus on Baptism and the implementing of communion


Thankyou again for you prayers.



Please continue to Pray for us!

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