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Welcome to "Ialibu Gospel Fellowship" at Koromi

Expanding church building & Bible classes

This is a positive challenge as since the ‘summer crusade’ the church is too small and often has to be moved outside. We are now considering various solutions to extending the space. Perhaps in two side wings as this would accommodate smaller groups as well as larger services.

Church expansion

The main structure of the meeting hall has been expanded with another 130 m2 addition and kitchen as well as a kindergarten. If you have been following the newsletter you will see all the photos of the construction and the new facilities that are now available.

We are now in the process of adding a set f ablutions block for the crusades at Christmas and new years.


Now the frame and main support beams are up. Looking good!


May 2018

The building is up and alreaddy in use!


Bible classes

     This has been a great privilege to be a part of. We have had a group of some 40, participating in foundational baptism classes. Seventeen young people were baptised at the end of the course in a wonderful celebration. As they walked down to the baptism site they, together with some 500 fellow believers, sang the song over and over again: “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, No turning back.”

Apart from these classes, we have had Bible studies on Saturday, Sunday AM and Sunday PM as well as leadership training on Thursdays. Though quite challenging at times, the changes and results are more than adequate reward as we see how God has changed lives and opened ways to new thinking and purpose.

An offshoot issue is the high level of illiteracy (See the comment regarding the schools) We are discussing literacy classes as well as the purchase of audio Bibles so that the word can be heard.

New mission field

One of the Government projects is to build a university of some sorts in the Highlands just across the creek from the mission grounds. This has created a major job source as well as an opportunity for outreach. But will require a major upgrade of the work in the Fellowship. This will bring a major secular challenge as well as opportunity so we are praying much about how to respond.

As I have noted there have been a few bumps along the road, however we see God has opened doors and provided new staff and also an opportunity for renewal and recommitment toHis final command. There are Bible courses and Discipleship training as well as the regular services over the weekend. We pray that the enthusiasm will continue into a real strong light in the region as Ialibu is developing very fast with some 1700 high-school students and a Tech.University being built in the town.

the church has grown we see that there is a need for more covered facilities - at present there is an attendance of around 120 for the Bible studies and 250-300 for the services. PTL!

We also need to consider Bible teachers and staff to accomodate the growing needs. Please pray with us.

Come, Join us!

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Building extension project

             growing pains

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