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Teaching past illiteracy

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we managed to obtain 100 Bibles and 25 audio Bibles which have proven popular though only the pocket size but the young folk are very happy for them as they have them in their pockets all the time.

Many are illiterate and this has provided an opportunity to simply hear the word. Recently an elderly penniless, illiterate lady with rheumatoid arthritis, a few teeth, two sons who have deserted her, little strength to dig her garden, an even older husband suffering from dementia and a stroke in her care but full of the Joy of the Lord, a fantastic knowledge of the salvation, mercy and grace given to us by God through His son, came to us. We are shamed when we complain of the small discomforts in life. This lady is typical of many of the elderly in the village. We gave her an audio Bible and it has been a constant joy to her to hear the word of the Lord clearly read – no commentary, just the Word.

Recently I used in the service, the Audio Bible to read a chapter in the Psalms of David. This is the first time where the scriptures had been read clearly - and just the Scriptures with no commentary and sermon – to this fellowship. The response was amazing the congregation just started praising the Lord and worshipping, many in tears.  I have to say I was a bit surprised and blessed seeing the power of God’s Word alone.

As I have noted on the main page there is a great need for Bibles. Many learn to read using only the Bible. There is a need for literacy calsses and adult education just as much as for the younger generations. We have found a local source for audio Bibles so that those who cannot read can learn the scriptures by heart and follow Gods word through this media. Cost for a unit that has the whole bible in both English and the local language is 40 Kina (aprox $15 US) If you would like to help in this project please contact us or send a donation.

these units are solar powered so are ideal for the local circumstances.

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if you would like to help financially you can use the account below (in Denmark) or contact us.

Audio Bibles

Perhaps you too would like to donate some Bibles -The scriptures teach that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.    Romans 10:17


if you wish to be a part of this work in any way as prayer-partners please send an e-mail :  'Contact'